US Visa Colombia | US Embassy Colombia

US Visa Group provides United States visa consulting & application services to residents of Colombia at the US Embassy.

We can assist with applying for the following types of United States visas in Colombia:

Visitor Visas

B1 business visa, B2 tourist visa, C1 transit visa, D1 crew visa, F1 student, J1 exchange visa, M1 vocation visa, Q1 exchange visa

Family Visas

CR1 spouse visa, CR2 child visa, F1A family visa, F2A family visa, F2B family visa, F4 family visa, IR1 spouse visa, IR2 child visa, IR3 adoption visa, IR4 adoption visa, IR5 parent visa, K1 fiancee visa, SB1 resident visa

Investor Visas

E1 investor visa, E2 investor visa, EB5 investor visa

Work Visas

B1 domestic employee visa, B1 temporary work visa, E3 Australian work visa, EB1 employment visa, EB2 employment visa, EB3 employment visa, EB4 employment visa, H1B work visa, H1B1 Chilean visa, H1B1 Singaporean visa, H1B3 fashion model visa, H2A agriculture visa, H2B labor visa, H3 trainee visa, I1 media visa, L1 transfer visa, O1 extraordinary visa, P1 athlete visa, P1 entertainer visa, P2 artist visa, P2 entertainer visa, P3 artist visa, R1 religion visa