Why use our service?

Our US visa application service generally includes the following: 

  1. Provide simplified forms for collecting required information;
  2. Review applicant’s information to ensure it is complete;
  3. Provide list of supporting documents in English;
  4. Complete US visa application forms;
  5. Revise US visa application forms after review by the applicant;
  6. Schedule interview with US Embassy and / or USCIS;
  7. Prepare invitation letters, employment letters and / or cover letters;
  8. Regular telephone and email support;
  9. Conference call prior to interview at the US Embassy or USCIS to discuss supporting documents and routine interview procedures;
  10. Assistance preparing additional supporting documents if requested by the US Embassy or USCIS; and
  11. Assistance preparing a 2nd US visa application if the 1st application is not approved.