IR5 parent visa is for the parents of a US citizen over the age of 21 years old.  Applicants must prove the relationship usually by using a birth certificate or adoption record.

US sponsors of IR5 parent visa applicants must prove they can support their parent above the US poverty line, which can be found on the US Department of Health and Human Services website.  US sponsors can have a co-sponsor to help them meet the income requirements if they cannot meet them on their own.

IR5 parent visa sponsors must also prove they maintain a US domicile meaning an address in the US which they intend to return.  US domicile can be proven by the US sponsor using documents such as US utility bills, property deeds or leases, bank accounts, state tax records, voting records and employer or business records.

IR5 parent visa applicants will receive ten year permanent resident status shorty after their arrival in the US.  Applicants are able to attend school, work or open a business immediately after arrival in the US.