B1 business visa is for persons that want to travel to the US for the following:

  1. Meetings;
  2. Consulting with associates;
  3. Engaging in negotiations;
  4. Taking orders for goods produced and located inside the US;
  5. Attending conferences; and
  6. Researching options for opening a business in the United States such as locating or entering into a lease for office space.

US Embassy officers automatically assume every B1 business visa applicant intends to stay in the US permanently and therefore applicants must prove the following:

  • Strong business, social and/or family connections to their home country;
  • Legitimate business travel purpose; and
  • Financial ability to pay for travel expenses.

Generally, the most important factors in judging an applicant’s chances of approval for a B1 business visa are as follows:

  • Long term job or well documented successful business; and
  • Documented consistent high level of income.

US Embassy officers examine each applicant’s case individually with the main focus on the background of the individual applicant.  Application form answers, supporting documentation and performance during the interview are all important factors in the visa being approved.

US Embassy officers have very broad discretion to accept or reject an applicant’s B1 business visa application for a variety of reasons. Generally, B1 business visas have low approval rates because of the short time period and inexpensive cost required to apply. B1 business visa applicants with a strong command of the English language normally have higher rates of approval because of the necessity to speak English while in the US.

It is highly recommended that B1 business visa applicants do not make any large transactions in or out of their bank account prior to the interview at the US Embassy. US Embassy officers will focus on long term and consistent financial transaction history of the B1 business visa applicant’s bank account and not on any large recent deposit(s). Generally, the balance amount of the B1 business visa applicant’s bank statement should be enough to cover their travel expenses for the duration of the visit to the US unless such expenses are being paid by a US citizen sponsor.

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