P2 entertainer visas are for applicants coming temporarily to perform as an entertainer, individually or as part of a group, who will perform under a reciprocal exchange program between an organization in the US and an organization in another country. P2 entertainers must possess skills comparable to those of the US entertainers taking part in the program outside the US.

Essential support personnel who are an integral part of the performance and who perform support services that cannot be readily performed by a US worker are eligible for P2 entertainer visa classification. Support personnel of P2 entertainer visa applicants may include stagehands, trainers or those persons having critical knowledge of the specific services to be performed. The US employer sponsoring the P2 entertainer visas must file a separate application for support personnel. The application must include the following documents:

  • Consultation from an appropriate labor organization;
  • Statement describing the support person’s prior and current essentially, critical skills and experience with the P2 artist or entertainer; and
  • Copy of a written contract between the employer and the support person or a summary of the terms of the oral agreement under which the support person will be employed.

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